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Let's see: sugar, spice and everything nice. Add a healthy dolop of box vanisher (Why think outside the box when you can get rid of it completely?). And, finally, half a bottle of... well, I have no idea what THIS is, but I bet it's something awesome.

When you've had enough, you can visit the other wings of my online estate:

Gamers World Dublin
[2015] Redesign exercise

Gamers World is a shop hosting a wide range of role playing games, table top miniature games and board games. It's also the place where I get my fix of 40K literature.

The owners have their hands full running the shop and hosting gaming events. As such their website got neglected, being mainly replaced with the Facebook page, where the events are announced and managed. My proposal is a one-page website, simple but also modern looking. The upcoming events are fetched from Facebook using their API, assuring the website requires minumum maintenance.

View the HD concept

[2013] Redesign exercise

Petinsurance.ie is a trading name and product of Blue Insurances Limited, operating as an insurance provider for household pets (dogs and cats) for residents of Ireland.

The purpose of this design exercise is to offer an alternative modern look and feel, that can be scaled down in a responsive way. This will allow an increase in the reach of the website with the expected result of an increase of the revenue.

Read the case study

CSS/Javascript Slot Machine

This is one of my experiments from a couple of years ago. The challenge was to make a proof of concept for a slot machine, powered only by HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, without Flash or Canvas/SVG. Given the browser restrictions of that time, it was targeted only to Webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari and Android 4.0+).

Give it a spin