A redesign exercise is a trading name and product of Blue Insurances Limited, operating as an insurance provider for household pets (dogs and cats) for residents of Ireland.

" is a new quality pet insurance product protecting you against unforeseen financial circumstances relating to your pet, be it pedigree or non-pedigree Dogs and Cats. [...] With our Pet Insurance policy you can be sure that your favourite pet will receive the best of medical care whenever the need occurs, up to the limits as stated in the pet insurance policy wording. Taking out insurance for pet need not be a costly purchase; we have three cover levels to suit different budgets."

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Purpose and result

The purpose of this design exercise is to offer an alternative modern look and feel, that can be scaled down in a responsive way. This will allow an increase in the reach of the website with the expected result of an increase of the revenue. The result can be seen below:

The colour palette

The starting point of the colour palette was the orange color of the logo #f89829. The next element is the complementary blue color #20749d. Next three elements are various shades of the complementary color, while the last colour is a dark grey #333333, to introduce a neutral contrasting element.

The grid

The design was built upon a 12 column grid. The content area has a maximum width of 1180px, which translates into 12 columns of 80px and a gutter of 20px between columns. There will be always a space around the container of at least 20px. The column and gutter sizes are elastic, adapting to the width of the viewport, down to 768px (portrait iPad). The smartphone area (below 768px) is built upon a similar elastic grid, but featuring only 6 columns. At the lowest resolution considered (320px - portrait iPhone), the container has a width of 280px, the gutter between columns is 20px and each column is 30px wide.

Responsive features

The design was thought to maximize the possibility of conversion by keeping most (if not all) of the important elements above "the fold". In order of importance, these elements are: the conversion form, the alternate meaning of direct contact (phone number) and the endorsements (namely the "Sunday Independent" quote and the TV program banner). Even the expanded conversion form (see below) will fit in the viewport in the target resolution of 1366x768 for the most common case of only one pet.

In the case of smartphones, the office number in the lower part of the header can be transformed into a direct call link, triggering the phone function of the device with the pre-loaded number.

The conversion form